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Minister of Finance Vuong Dinh Hue had a working session with the Vietnamese Valuation Association (VVA)
Afternoon on 26/07/2012, at the headquarters of Ministry of Finance, the Minister Vuong Dinh Hue worked with the Vietnamese Valuation Association (VVA). Attending the meeting, head of Price Administration Department, Financial Planning Department, Department of Personnel Organization represent for the Ministry of Finance, On the side of the Vietnamese Valuation Association, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan - Chairman of the Vietnamese Valuation Association (VVA), Dr. To Cong Thanh - Deputy Chairman of the Vietnamese Valuation Association (VVA), and all members of the Executive Committee.
Chairman of the Vietnamese Valuation Association - Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan
reported to the Minister the operation of the previous term
Deputy Chairman of the Vietnamese Valuation Association – Dr. To Cong Thanh
reported to the Minister of Finance
Chairman reported to the Minister the operation of the previous term, the second term orientation, the preparation of Congress II and petition to the leadership of Ministry of Finance some issues to be addressed to strengthen the role and functions of the Association; He also proposed leaders interested in supporting some of the requirements of the facilities to enable the Office of the activities and funding support to organize Congress II.
At the meeting with the Minister of Finance Vuong Dinh Hue, Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Tuan expressed his pleasure at the attention and guidance of the Ministry of Finance during the operation of the VVA in the past 5 years with the key task is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the members; help members improve their performance, organize joint activities to facilitate understanding each other, build relationships of cooperation, consensus and healthy competition among the members; counseling and mediation for disputes arising in the course of operation of the members; contribute comments to the State agency in the development of laws and policies related to valuation activities and to promote the professional training, retraining, the international cooperation in appraisal.
Conclusion on the meeting of the Minister of Finance
Speaking in the end of the meeting, Minister Vuong Dinh Hue recognized that VVA has had initial success even though steps to the seventh year of operation, particularly evident professionalism, quality of work well, achieve comprehensive achievements even less force. The Minister appreciated the contribution of VVA to implement actively the Charter, training and retraining operations, participate in international activities. Besides, the important contribution of the Vietnam Valuation Association in operating price stability to promote economic development is also recognized by the Minister.
The Minister also proposed VVA to consolidate the Executive Committee, the professional Board focus in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance in the inspection and quality control; building the brand of companies; Development of prices management and appraisal. With the nature of work "highly difficult, highly professional, touching to the interests of the economy," as said by the Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, he requested VVA to continue to respect the standards of professional ethics in order to avoid risks related to work procedures and professional ethics. The Minister wish VVA will hold successfully the second congress for the 2012-2017 term; and VVA will have further rightful position as well as continue to coordinate with VVA adding some state management powers for the Association in accordance with the provisions of the law, is compatible with the capacity and role of the VVA and have a specific route to long-term development. The Ministers also stressed VVA need to attach more importance to information dissemination, in particular, closely coordination with the Ministry of Finance to popularize on Price Management Law and the relevant documents for the price administration...
Dr. To Cong Thanh – Deputy Chairman of VVA - Chairman of SIAC and Minister of Finance
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